About us
Our Company 
Dubai Link is a global destination management launched in 1994; as a wholesaler and retailer we understand the value of quality service provided while taking in consideration and seriously the level partner’s requests. We strives to exceed audience’s expectation and to keep its unique character and 5 stars rank as pioneer in the industry through a successful network of professionals and connections.
By constantly adapting to your growing needs we launched GTE Global travel engine dedicated B2B travel industry wholesaler. Our core practices are focused on successfully connecting travel professionals around the globe, loyalty to our business customers, fair trading and being easy to do business with.

Global Travel Engine is an affiliate of Dubai Link. GTE is a state-of-the-art B2B online travel booking engine. It is a wholesale system that allows our business partners to benefit from the most sophisticated technologies for the smooth flow of everyday business. This innovative system includes XML connection with the most reputed global wholesalers/suppliers, dynamic connection with major properties in order to maintain the highest size of inventories worldwide, and finally our own contracts with many properties locally and internationally , with permanent availability in hundreds cities around the globe at competitive price.

GTE is a user friendly system which requires very simple steps to realize the business and hold the vouchers in hand.